The HM MOTOS/RENT A MOTO, hereby leases to the customer who signed the vehicle described in the terms and conditions of this document by virtue of which, the customer acknowledges and agrees.

The customer received the said vehicle in perfect condition. Said vehicle shall be driven only by the client and will not be used:

  • To transport goods in violation of customs regulations or that is in any way unlawful;
  • For freight or passengers in exchange for any remuneration or compensation implicit or explicit;
  • To push or pull any vehicle or trailer;
  • For sporting events;
  • For any person under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

The minimum age of the driver is 18 years. Valid driving license in Portugal with minimum 1 year experience. The payment of the rental of the motorcycle should be done preferably by Credit Card.
Prices do not include: Fuel, Dry and Fines.

  • The motorbike is delivered washed and at the end of the contract must be in the same conditions, washed. In case
    of this not happening will be charged a fee of € 25.
  • The motorbikes are delivered with the stickers and all the Rent A Moto advertising and it is not possible for the
    customer to remove it or spoil them under any circumstances, a fee of 60 € will be applied if the motorcycle is delivered without them or these Damaged.
  • It is not allowed to stick stickers on the bike unless indicated by someone responsible for HM MOTOS/RENT A MOTO.

Fuel is not included in the rental price. The motorcycles are delivered to the renter with a full tank and this must therefore fill it at the end of the lease at its own expense. If for any reason you are unable to supply the tenant motorcycle HM MOTOS/RENT A MOTO cobra missing and the fuel supplement applies a refueling service.
The tenant is responsible for any offense (fines) that may occur during the rental period. The lease expires on the date set by the lessee. If you wish to extend the rental period the tenant must move ace premises of HM MOTOS/RENT A MOTO to upgrade your rental agreement 24 hours before this ends. In case no such consent is considered that the vehicle starts to move without authorization and against the will of its owner, the fact being punished by law, and the responsibility of the driver. The lessee must return the vehicle at the premises of HM MOTOS/RENT A MOTO, without specific permission, and within hours of the workday.
The estimated cost of the rental is payable at the beginning of the lease, based on the cost of the daily rate plus 100 miles per day, or unlimited mileage. It should also be left a refundable deposit, including integrating the deductible insurance to cover any damage, fuel, among others. The Customer further agrees to protect the interests of the lesser and the rental company’s insurance in case of accident during the rental period and in the following manner:

  • Getting the name and addresses of the persons involved and witnesses;
  • Do not pleading guilty or responsible;
  • Not abandoning the said vehicle without taking appropriate measures to protect and safeguard;
  • Calling the police immediately.

In case of breakdown, accident, loss, damage or theft, the report should be immediately reported to the relevant law enforcement authorities and HM MOTOS/RENT A MOTO within a
maximum of 24 hours. The lessee is obliged to fill in an accident report accident with damage as much as possible, otherwise the insurance will be considered null and void. The lessee is obliged to cooperate with the HM MOTOS/RENT A MOTO and their insurers in any investigation or subsequent judicial proceedings. Any edits or changes to the terms of conditions of this document will be void unless they have been previously agreed in writing.
The rental agreement is made in accordance with the laws of the country in which it is signed and is governed by them. The parties agree to establish the jurisdiction of the Oeiras County to resolve any conflicts then emerging, with the express exclusion of any other.
The HM MOTOS / RENT A MOTO is not responsible for accidents that are not reported to the police. The insurance does not cover damage to tires, as well as accidents caused by speeding, and caused or under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The tenant consents to the storage and processing of your personal data contained in this rental agreement, and even in the communication of such data in group companies as well as between their trading partners, for the same purposes of collection, including statistical analysis, marketing of HM services HM MOTOS/RENT A MOTO and credit agreement. In case of breach of this contract by the renter, your personal data may be disclosed or disclosed to third parties as necessary for the recovery of losses inherent in the breach.
The HM MOTO / RENT A MOTO is not liable to the tenant or any passenger for loss or damage to material and / or personal transported or left in the vehicle either during the rental period or after it.